So you are here, and it means that you are planning a revamp for your bathroom. Either you are going to entirely change the system or opting for a partial renovation, you will have to work smart.  

No one likes a messy, stinky, or dark bathroom. If any of such things you face in your bathroom, then you strongly need to refurbish it. 

People strive hard with their small restrooms, as they don’t know the idea of renovating a small space. Those who have renovation ideas can surely implement them.

We have listed some smart ideas to the small bathroom makeover by kicking the old designing methods out and meeting the modern standards. So, here we start it.

  1. Use corner sink in the small
Use corner sink in the small

Sink occupies a healthy space in the restroom, and you can’t eradicate it either. So what should you do? A small bathroom demands you to deal with it smartly and technically, so you can install your sink in the corner. Having a sink in the corner can be a great space-saving idea. So, always opt for the corner sink while remodeling the small restroom.

2. Replace the outdated mirror

Use corner sink in the small

A mirror is the basic necessity of any bathroom that helps you have a look on yourself and provides a glazing effect to the bathroom too. During the makeover project, don’t forget to replace your outdated mirror with a newly designed frameless diamond wall mirror. Diamond mirrors are of a unique shape and style, when incorporated in the small bathroom can make it rich and luxurious.

Other than the diamond mirrors, you can opt for a large oval mirror. Large mirrors are capable of bringing natural light in the small restroom and provide an illusion of a bigger space.

3. Add a frameless shower enclosure

Add a frameless shower enclosure

For small bathrooms, the shower curtains are not a good option as you can’t see through them, and they make the bathroom cluttered. To make the small bathroom look splendid and spacious, install a frameless shower enclosure. Shower glass doors make your restroom appear bigger, and it turns the bathroom brighter. 

Adding a frameless glass door to the bathroom furnishes an entirely different and elegant look while meeting modern trends.

4. Keep the colors light and bright

Keep the colors light and bright

A small lavatory demands a smart eye to work on it, hence keep the color tone light and bright in such an area to give it a spacious look. A light color in the bath extends the sightlines. Finish the floor, wall, Bathroom Mirrors, and toilet with white paint to make the little space seem bigger. The addition of gray and black color on the floor or wall can increase the ambiance and interest. 

5. Backlight the vanity mirror

Backlight the vanity mirror

Add a backlight behind the vanity round bathroom mirror as it can be a chic and modern way to amplify light and furnish a contemporary design. A simple light can enhance the environment of the small bathroom and yields a minimalistic design. 

6. Install a ledge to make space

During a bathroom makeover, you can install a ledge along the entire length of the bathroom to make a perfect space. You can utilize this ledge to put an extra standing mirror, bathroom necessities such as shampoo, conditioner, and some succulents to enhance the overall environment. 

7. Place a wooden ladder for towels

Place a wooden ladder for towels

To give your small washroom a stylish look, you have to go beyond the traditional ideas. Adding something out of the box can do wonders for your space. Place a small wooden ladder near the vanity in the bathroom and hang towels on it. It gives a unique feel and beautifully embellishes the restroom area.

8. Install good lighting

Install good lighting

Along with all other ideas of a makeover, don’t forget the lighting of the washroom. Change the lighting of the space to get a balanced light inside the restroom. Add pendant lights in the small bathroom to flood the room with light, as it is an essential part of bathroom renovation.

The Bottom Line

Bathroom, washroom, restroom, or toilet room, whatever you say, is without any doubt the most important part of any house. It doesn’t matter if the bathroom is large or small, all that matters is the creativity and style you induce in your place. A large bathroom can be a headache if you are unable to handle it, and a small bathroom with some unique and elegant designs can create a great impression.So, Glass Genius hopes that you have got enough ideas for the renovation of your small restroom. If you want to purchase oval mirrors, round bathroom mirrors, wall mirrors, or a glass shower enclosure of any size, visit the Glass Genius website and order your desired product.