What is Seeded Glass, and How is It Made?

What is Seeded Glass, and How is It Made

A glass is seeded when it undergoes a process in which a gas or air is infused in the molten glass before having a fully formed shape. This process causes the air bubble to get trapped within the glass that results in a seedy appearance. 

Seeded glass is mainly used in shower stalls, partitions, backsplashes, windows, cabinet doors, etc. It gives a distinct look that features the bubbles (tiny or large) that depicts the vintage and traditional look. However, seeded design glass is commonly used in the modern interior too.

Benefits of Seeded Glass Installation:

Benefits of Seeded Glass Installation
  • It is responsible for giving the ultimate clarity and transparency.
  • It is best to use the home interior decor to create a beautiful backsplash, kitchen cabinets, partitions, etc.
  • Seeded design is best to use in the exterior, wet and dry conditions to give a sleek and smooth look.
  • It is the only type of glass that gives the finest clear results in wet conditions.
  • It has a unique pattern that furnishes the textured look and feel.
  • This type of glass can easily be transformed by cutting, drilling, and tempering. Moreover, you can also laminate it.

Applications of Seeded Glass

Hanging Pendant Lights

Hanging Pendant Lights

Seeded glass is used to manufacture hanging pendant lights that allow focused task lighting with unexpected visual textures. These lights are ideal for decorating dining rooms, kitchen, entryway, bedroom, and living room. The vintage look of pendant lights gives a traditional look and increases the ambiance of your space. 

Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinets

Budget is always a constraint while you think about remodeling your kitchen, but you can implement some ideas that won’t overrun your budget and are smart too. Redesign your dated kitchen cabinets by installing seeded class to give your cooking place a new and fresh look. Kitchen cabinets made with seeded designed glass provide a transparent and clearer look to your accessories and can be a wonderful addition to your place.

For Home Decor

It is most commonly used in home decor. The unique and stylish appearance of seedy glass makes it distinct and popular among other choices. It is used in vases, lamps, kitchens, windows, and doors, etc. Moreover, you can add colors of your choice to this glass to match your interior.

Difference Between Seeded, Textured, and Clear glass

Difference Between Seeded, Textured, and Clear glass

The seeded glass is made by the infusion of air in the molten glass before it gets its final shape, and, hence, it gives a seedy appearance due to the air bubbles inside. Furthermore, the objects placed behind this glass are not completely clear; instead, they give a bubble-like look.

On the other hand, textured glass is entirely different from traditional glass due to the bumps or textures present on the surface. It possesses extra decorative looks and gives a blurred look. 

While clear glass is the type of glass that is entirely transparent and furnishes the natural look of objects placed behind it, this glass type is neither has tints nor has any texture, so it gives a clear vision. 

Is Seeded Glass Expensive?

The price of seeded glass varies according to your choice. If you compare the price of seed glass with standard glass, then yes, it’s expensive as it gives you a bubble-like look that is useful in decorating the home interior. 

Key Takeaways

The glass with seeded design is made by inducing air or gas in the molten glass before having the final product. This gives the glass a seedy look which is later used in many ways. It is like a standard glass with a difference of having a seedy look. It is not meant to bear impacts. It is prone to breaking, so don’t slam it. 

Moreover, if you like the applications and benefits of seedy glass and plan to have some useful installations in your home, run to your nearest glass market and purchase your desired seedy products. Many online platforms also sell decorative products made of seeded glass. Glass windows and kitchen cabinets made of seed glass are also available online.