Reeded or Fluted Glass Applications and Benefits

No matter what interior project you’re going to set about, glass has always been the top preference. One of the amazing sorts of glass is a reeded glass that has bundles of applications. Its beautiful range of patterns with the necessary privacy level makes it fluent in nestling with interior décor.

Did you ever ponder upon why reed glass is so favored? Well, you are going to get an answer soon. Stick to the write-up and determine where you would love to use this reeded or fluted glass in your interior. Let’s have a look.

What is a reed glass?

What is a reed glass

Reeded glass is a perfect decorative glass to use in various interior projects. This type of glass is specifically used for inside or smaller projects. Reed glass can’t be used for commercial buildings until it is entirely tempered. Reed glass is a semi-obscure patterned glass that is not tempered in nature but can be easily tempered if required. 

Its parallel or nearly parallel bands or pattern lines diffuse light that is running throughout the glass. Reed or ribbed glass is an excellent choice for blurring the background and the spaces where you need partial privacy. It has several alternative names like ribbed glass or fluted glass. 

Benefits of Reeded Glass

Benefits of Reeded Glass

Appealing aesthetics:

With this unique and finely patterned ribbed glass, you can easily create an interior design that’s more aesthetically appealing.

Adds partial privacy:

Unlike normal glass, this straight or any other patterned glass adds privacy. Well, it adds privacy in a sense when it blurs an image. The patterns on the glass make crooked images that help trick the human eye into seeing the exact image of the object. 

Unique glass type with 50+ pattern styles:

It’s pretty popular in the glass market because it has 50+ pattern styles that you can try in your home interior projects. You can easily choose your favorite pattern among the plethora of options. 

Can be tempered easily:

This glass is way easier to temper, so you guys will not face any troubles. As we all know, tempered glass is the best to use in home projects to avoid shattering, so if you like patterns of reed glass, then make sure to get it tempered. Thereby, you will be safe enough to create an interior full of glass applications. 

Blends style in the interior with grace:

No doubt, a normal glass adds to aesthetics. However, this glass is quintessential. It amazingly blends any style with grace.

Increases brightness:

It’s obvious that glass allows light to pass through it, so a glass with patterns allows maximum light to pass through and leaves beautiful patterns behind. That’s quite satisfying watching sunlight entering in patterns.

How is it manufactured?

Well, if we talk of its manufacturing process, then it’s the same as preparing an ordinary glass. However, the patterns are created by pressing partial-molten glass in between heavy metallic rollers. These rollers create different patterns on the glass. It just depends upon your choice; if you need either a thick ribbed or rainy glass pattern, the rollers would be supposed to create such patterns on the semi-molten glass.

Some Uses of Reed Glass

Some Uses of Reed Glass

Team with black wood

When blended with black wood, patterned fluted privacy glass is perfect as a room divider or a glass door. The patterns on the glass grab everyone’s attention, so if you have made its boundary black, then trust us, it’s nonetheless a masterpiece. The black wooden boundary will make a statement interior as well as enhance its beauty. 

Hide unwanted stuff

You can keep the thing hidden with the help of this reed glass. As discussed above, ribbed glass gives amazing privacy by blurring an image, so it’s the perfect way to keep unwanted stuff hidden with glam. That’s basically when we install cabinet doors made of fluted glass. That’s the brilliant way if you want to keep your things private, either in the bedroom or office.

Give a Mid-Century Style

The patterned glass was typically used in Mid-Century home interiors, so if any of us wanted to create such style, opt for it. Just imagine a glamorous Mid-Century interior with privacy, patterns, and enhanced lighting.

Keep it soft and light

If you’ve installed patterned glass, you will feel that no bigger changes are needed anymore. Sometimes, we add glass products, like shower doors or normal doors but make our interior mess with lots of unnecessary additions. Don’t do this; anywhere you use huge glass windows or doors, keep the space light and bright. 

Brighten your kitchen 

One of its other uses is to add this glass to the kitchen. Well, here it’s much needed because we have messed up cabins, and being working women, we don’t have enough time to compile things up daily. So, by using ribbed glass cabinet doors, you can hide your mess in the kitchen and save yourself from being embarrassed in front of guests. 

Add a reeded glass room divider

The spaces like little corner libraries, open kitchenettes, and small TV lounges, a reed glass panel separator is the best. It will keep you away from distractions, and nobody can continuously keep an eye on you while you’re enjoying your time. Also, your guests will feel comfortable sitting in your open lounges.

Several Applications

Several Applications



Among the many applications, it’s the top one. Hardened glass is something that is supposed to be used for manufacturing doors and windows at first. Well, if the reed glass is tempered, then you can use it as your bedroom doors or patio doors, or even by blending it with wood. 



Yes, some ages ago, patterned and tinted windows were used just to maintain privacy. If you want to install glass windows but need to keep your life private, grab reeded glass windows.



Fluted glass is mostly used for cabinets. Whether it’s a home or office, it serves with the maximum privacy level. And hide your stuff that you don’t want to expose.

Last but not least!

Well, ribbed glass is also used in making several decorative pieces to enhance the home interior uniquely. It is easy to temper, and its huge variety of patterns differentiate it from other sorts of glass. You can create a pretty patterned interior by using different patterned glass for external or internal applications.