Ultimate Guide to DIY Nautical Porthole Mirror

When you design the home interior using mirrors, they bring a very soothing and influential impact to your place. Interior designers use different types, shapes, sizes, and styles of mirrors to revamp the interior and create interesting optical illusions that give a splendid atmosphere.

Incorporating a beautiful mirror in the small room can give it the illusion of grand space and allow the natural light to bounce around the room. Decorative mirrors at your place amplify the light, add drama, and create interesting effects that transform the home’s entire look. A mirror is a trustworthy companion of yours that lets you decorate the place with an enchanting look and ideas in a cost-effective manner.

If we say that a mirror is a secret weapon of interior designers, it won’t be wrong. So, with so many types and styles of mirrors, My DIY Decor is here with a new mirror design for the home decor, i.e., Porthole Mirrors.

What is a porthole mirror?

A porthole is an opening with a cover mostly seen on the sides of a ship or aircraft. The purpose of a porthole is to allow the natural light and fresh air to enter the ship’s lower decks.

The rusted or damaged portholes can be used for interior design at home. You can get a porthole from an auction house and, after refurbishing it, place a mirror inside it to make it a porthole mirror.

Getting a real porthole can be an exhausting and frustrating task. So, down here is the method to make your porthole at home and place a mirror inside it. It is a really exciting and unique idea of home decoration.

How to make your porthole mirror?

My DIY Decor always comes with DIY ideas that are easy to execute and worthy too. Today, you are about to know the decor idea of your place using a porthole mirror. The making of a port hole mirror at home is an easy task. So, here we start to dig out the things to let you know the DIY method of porthole round mirrors.

We are going to start with the material required for this DIY project.


  • Round mirror
  • Round plywood
  • Wood plugs
  • Faucet handle
  • Superglue
  • Flush wall hanger
  • Wood glue
  • Bolts
  • Embroidery hoop

Executing steps for the DIY project

Executing steps for the DIY project

Paint all the materials

For a good look and to paint every inch of all the things, you require a pre-paint. Paint the bolts, plywood, wood plugs, etc., so that there is no area leftover without paint after assembling.

Placing the mirror on the plywood

In the second step, you need to place the mirror in the middle of the round plywood. Use the superglue to make the mirror firmly stick with the plywood.

Place embroidery hoop around the mirror

After placing the mirror on the plywood, it’s time to place the embroidery hoop on the mirror and use glue to fix the embroidery hoop.

Attaching bolts to the wood chunk

Later you place the embroidery hoop; you attach the bolts to the wooden piece on the embroidery hoop. Attach the bolts using superglue. This addition gives the porthole mirror vintage and real look that attracts and inspires the visitors to your place.

Wood plugs around the plywood

Get the wood plugs to place around the plywood using the wood glue. Take the help of glue to fix the wood plugs.

Give a real look

For a real look at the porthole mirror, you need to stack the bolts, wood plug, and faucet handles, keep the handle on top and glue the plywood. It creates the illusion that the porthole can be opened.

Let it dry completely

Give some good time to the glue to settle down and let it completely dry. Later on, get the flush wall hanger and hang the porthole mirror with it.


For a vintage old look of the porthole frame, try to go for the dark paint on the embroidery hoop and bolts of the round porthole mirror. Moreover, using a clean rag to remove some paint can increase its vintage look and look traditional.

Some trending portholes mirror ideas and styles

1. Front door porthole mirror

Front door porthole mirror

Having a front gate of the home invites you to add a new design to add life to your place. You can renovate your front door by adding a porthole peephole. You peep outside the door when someone knocks on it. So, it is a beautiful idea to add a porthole round mirror at the front door.

2. Addition of a porthole round mirror in the bathroom

Addition of a porthole round mirror in the bathroom

There must be a mirror in your bathroom that helps you to have a reflection on yourself every morning. Now is the time to replace the old mirror with a round porthole bathroom mirror. It will add some character to the place.

3. Add porthole mirrors to the gallery wall

Get some different shapes and sizes of porthole wall mirrors and place them on the gallery wall where you hang your picture frames, textures, and paintings, etc. You know that wall mirrors add more quality to your home.