Have you ever run into the breakage of glass windows? You might not bother with glass material again because of any such terrible incident. Well, hold on! Let us tell you that you might not be using the safety glass or toughened glass. Yes, the safety glass! If you’ve come across this term for the first time, then you might be surprised by knowing its safety features and bunch of benefits that this glass offers. The safety glass is of several types and all of these are meant to provide great safety against scratches, breakage, or shattering. With the help of this write-up, you’re going to explore the top qualities of laminated glass and other types of safety glass, so let’s move towards the main business.

Types of safety glass

Different types of glass are considered safety glass and provide amazing protection against hard impact. All safety glass has multiple layers of glass sandwiched together that protect them to break on significant impact. These are the common types of safety glass available in the market.

  • Heat-strengthened glass: This is a safety glass that is cooled at a comparatively higher rate than annealed glass, hence providing safety against minor incidents.
  • Tempered glass: A safety glass that provides extreme safety against harsh forces and is best for windy areas. 
  • Laminated glass: The best safety glass for huge commercial buildings and other areas where safety is the main concern. 

Wire glass: This safety glass is manufactured by welding a wire in molten glass, this only keeps the broken pieces in their place or lets the glass shatter in smaller pieces. 

Laminated vs Tempered Glass

Tempered glass and laminated glass both have structural stability and are highly durable glass. Let’s find out which one would be better to opt for your next project.

  • Manufacturing process
Manufacturing process

Tempered glass is made by a quick heating and cooling process. In this procedure, an ordinary glass sheet is passed through extreme heating temperature and then through rapid cooling. This rapid cooling makes the outer layer in compression while the inner layer remained in tension. This gives great strength to the glass. 

Laminated glass is manufactured by sandwiching two layers of glass sheets with a resin sheet. When these sheets are showered at extremely high temperatures, the resin melts and lets the glass sheets stick together. This melted resin makes sure to hold the broken pieces of glass in place and provide maximum safety against injuries.

  • Multiple usages
Multiple usages

Tempered glass is manufactured to protect your family and friends, so it’s abundantly used in such areas where the broken glass can pose a risk leading to serious injuries. You can also find tempered glass in vehicles, car rear windows, seat windows, skylights, shelves, shower doors, storm doors, and other decorative purposes. 
Whereas, laminated glass also has a bundle of uses in daily life such as windshields, vehicles, windows of huge buildings, balconies, and glass railings. Laminated glass is used in areas where you can’t afford the frequent breakage of glass. 

  • Best glazing material
Best glazing material

No doubt, tempered glass is a safety glass and does not harm people as much as normal glass does, but still, it can shatter if force is applied. So, tempered glass won’t be a good option.

Laminated glass doesn’t shatter even if it breaks and is way stronger than tempered glass. So, experts mostly prefer laminated glass material for glazing.

  • Cost-efficiency

As far as price is concerned, tempered glass is more affordable. Due to the expensive cost of laminated glass, it’s mostly used in commercial buildings.

  • Strength and maintenance
Strength and maintenance

Both types of glass are stronger and provide safety, but breakage and shattering of laminated glass are almost next to impossible. Both are easy to clean and maintain. 

Why choose laminated glass for windows?

Some people don’t prefer glass doors, but windows have to be made of glass. There are two reasons for choosing glass windows. The first one is, glass windows let the natural light fall into your house, and secondly, they give a contemporary and airy look to your even small apartments. 

The reason why we should choose a safety glass for windows is to protect our space. The laminated glass offers a great safety feature that helps keep burglars away from your house because it’s nearly impossible to break in. Laminated glass is manufactured by layering the two glass panels and making them stick together with the help of a resin sheet. That’s why it’s hard to break, moreover, you can easily save your windows from getting scratches and scuffs.

Wrap up!

There are many sorts of safety glass in the market, but the struggle is to choose the right material for a particular purpose. If you are searching for the best glass material for your upcoming projects, then the laminated glass would be the best option. You can install huge windows and doors made with laminated glass, without any worry or tension as it will be worth it.