A mirror is a secret weapon that when brought in your bedroom interior, makes it pleasing and beautiful. It is a small thing that leaves a great impact on your place. It brings positivity and openness to your space.

Traditionally, mirrors were used to see the reflection or used in window panes etc. Now, mirrors are used to decorate the home interiors to transform the interior, amplify light, add drama and have interesting reflections. 

This blog will let you think out of the bathroom decor with mirrors and will take you to ponder how to design your bedroom with the mirror that brings a positive impact on your place. Here are a few ways to decorate your bedroom interior with mirrors.

1. Brighten your room

Brighten your room

Mirrors double up the light sources in your room. Install a mirror opposite to a window and see the increased amount of light in your room. 

The bigger the mirror is, the brighter space it will make it look. Placing a full-length mirror surely makes your room beautiful and also allows you to see yourself completely while dressing up. 

Another way to make your bedroom elegant is to have an over bed mirror. A mirror over your bed makes your room look spacious, elegant, and luxurious.

2. LED mirror in your bedroom

LED mirror in your bedroom

LED mirrors sometimes face the misconception to only be used in bathrooms, which is not true. Using LED mirrors in your bedroom gives you ambient lighting that makes your room versatile and elegant. 

Moreover, if you are a social person and attend parties, then LED mirrors give you a chance to have better makeup. It helps you in the application of makeup on your face in an easier and more sophisticated way.

3. Round Wall Mirror

Round Wall Mirror

Install a round wall mirror in your room to make a statement. A round mirror with a beautiful and sleek frameless design balances your bedroom decor. It creates the illusion of space and increases the light in your room. 

Place the round mirror on the wall with little imperfections to hide the damage. Just by hanging a mirror you will hide the imperfections and give a sensuous touch to your bedchamber.

4. Redesign your study table

Redesign your study table

Having a bedroom study table is another way to give an amusing look to your space. Place a round wall mirror over the study table and see wonders. You can also place a lamp on your table to spread light in your whole room. 

Wrapping Up!Decorating the interior using mirrors is an easy and cheaper way to enhance beauty. You can have a wall full of mirrors of different shapes, place them in the stairways, near the entrance door etc. that can give you the soothing feel that you can expect to get from an interior designer’s work. Glass Genius is the first glass-based marketplace where you can order customized LED mirrors, full-length mirrors or any type or shape of the mirror.