Thinking to protect your furniture from scratches and stains? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered. What if we talk about a custom glass tabletop that prevents tables from damaging? 

A wooden table with a glass top enhance the loo of the table and protects it for generations by saving it from scratches. Unprotected tables require extra cleaning and care on a regular basis. So, why not to allow your tables to shine through tempered safety glass that is both protective and simple to clean. Make your life easy and tension free. 

Without further delay, let’s dive into the details!

Benefits of Glass tabletop

Benefits of Glass tabletop

You can cut the customized glass for the tabletop and fit it to the measurements of the table. A custom glass tabletop is made with tempered glass, hence preventing scratches and other serious damages. Also, glass over your tables will reflect the natural light and let the room feel airy and brightened. You can protect your expensive wooden furniture to be utilized for decades if you’ve placed a tabletop over it.

How to protect the furniture

How to protect the furniture

The secret to avoiding scratches is quite simple. Apply these easy-peasy tricks to avoid scratching and other damages to your tables.

  • Keep tables away from windows

Keep wooden or glass tables away from windows that receive direct sunshine. And be mindful that excessive humidity levels could damage wood to expand and promote mold growth.

  • Don’t drag things

Simply pick up things rather than allowing them to slide over the table. Dragging may cause harsh scratches to your wooden and even glass tables.

  • Choose the location

Be careful of the environment you are exposing your furniture to, keep them away from places like laundry room, bathrooms, or any area where it can encounter heat and expose to lots of moisture.

  • Must dust your furniture 

Dust your furniture twice a week to prevent blockage and scratches, and clean up spills right away to avoid permanent damage. If you’re a busy person, dust your furniture at least once a week.

  • Place tempered glass table cover over each table 

By placing the tampered tabletop over your tables would be a good call. If you have square coffee tables, then go for square glass table tops otherwise choose the glass for table top cut to size, which means customize it according to the table’s requirements. Tempered glass has scratch-resistant ability and is quite easy to clean to avoid stains.

Either you have a large rectangular wooden or glass dining table, must place a rectangular glass tabletop over it to protect it for a longer time.

How to take measurements for a Glass table top

Whether you are measuring for a rectangle glass table top or several circular glass table tops, it is rather easy to size for a glass table cover. To measure the width and length of the table’s top, move across the surface from left to right. Trace the tabletop on the wood tabletop using newspapers or sheets or butcher paper.

Final Words!

If you intend to use tables outside, too, you must add a tempered glass surface for safety reasons. Giving the glass provider a paper template ensures that you get a clean surface that exactly fits the measurements of your table.