Bathroom Ceiling Fan Timer Switch and Benefits

When we remodel our house or build a new one, we try to have a proper plan of things to do in our newly built space. However, still, we miss some important things to install that could be helpful for us. One of those forgotten things is the bathroom fan timer switch, which later cost us.

A bathroom fan without the timer can cause a hike in your energy bills and make you lose your hard-earned dollars. These fans are not terrible when running for a short period, but when we forget them overall, they can be a reason for a headache for you. If you do some research and find a good quality bathroom fan switch with a timer, it can be a worthy addition and help you save many bucks.

Here at My DIY Decor, we will let you experience the installation procedure of a fan timer for your bathroom fan switch that will help you have a big cut on the energy bills.

Exhaust Fan Timer Switch and Its Benefits

Exhaust Fan Timer Switch and Its Benefits

Which is the best timer switch for your bathroom fan? Yeah, you might say a timer that works perfectly, but what should be its features? The best bathroom fan timer switch is an easily adjustable one, loaded with up-to-date wiring, and accommodates all your needs.

Installation of Timer Switch for Bath Fan

Several companies in the market are selling bath fan timer switches that fulfill your needs. However, the best is the one that completely follows your preferences. Look for a timer switch with 5-button preset timer switches. Such a timer switch is loaded with five preset buttons to run the fan for 5, 10, 15, 30, and 60 minutes. You can choose any option according to your estimated stay in the restroom.

This type of switch is easy to install as it runs on a 15-amp, carrying the 1800-watt capacity that works perfectly for the bathroom fans up to ¼ horsepower. Remember to double-check the specs of the timer; if it is compatible with your bathroom fan, then go for it; otherwise, search for another one. 

It has 3-wire connections inside (including 2 power wires and ground wire) and doesn’t require a separate neutral wire like many other switches. 

benifits of installing a bathroom fan with a timer switch

Steps of installation

Steps of installation
  1. Turn off the circuit breaker from the main electric control panel.
  2. Remove the outer socket plate of the fan switch and remove the old switch.
  3. Carefully connect the wires with the new switch.
  4. Reinstall the cover plate and tighten its screws.
  5. Turn on the circuit breaker from your main electric control panel.

Note: If you feel unsafe or uncomfortable while touching the electric wires, don’t ever try the installation process yourself. Hire a professional to get the job rightly done.

Benefits of Bathroom Fan Timer Switch:

Benefits of Bathroom Fan Timer Switch

The core purpose of a timer switch for your bathroom fan is to reduce the humidity level in the bathroom. When the humidity level is low in the bathroom, there are fewer chances of mold buildup, which is unhealthy and unliked. Moreover, it saves electricity too.

The benefits you can have after you install a timer switch for your bathroom are as follows:

  • Reduces humidity: A bathroom fan with a timer switch reduces the humidity level in your bathroom.
  • Prevents mold: With the reduction in humidity level, there are fewer chances of mold buildup, which is unhealthy.
  • Bring down the energy bills: A timer switch for your bathroom fan helps you save many dollars by automatically turning off. It gives a significant reduction in energy bills and saves electricity too.
  • Reduces condensation: The exhaust fan in the bathroom reduces the amount of condensation.
  • Odorless bathroom: The bathroom fan keeps the unpleasant smells away from the bathroom. It helps to create a good environment with nice and fresh air.

The Bottom Line

The bathroom fan timer eases your life and keeps you away from many problems. It helps you save your precious money so you can spend it on any other work or enjoy a day out with your family members. It increases your bathroom life by avoiding mold buildup and, hence, reduces your bathroom remodeling expenses in the future. If you don’t have a bathroom fan, rush to your nearest electronic shop to get a new one. 

So, consider installing a bathroom fan timer and it will start proper ventilation in your bathroom and restrain from unpleasant smells. Spending some bucks on it will never make you regret it.