Mirrors are strangely capable of creating the illusion of large and open space. Perfectly placed large full-length mirrors or circle mirrors create a lovely atmosphere and make the place brighter. But hanging heft mirrors can be a big problem for you. 

It is extremely important to know the techniques to handle and hang the large mirrors on the wall. A little negligence can break your beautiful mirror or damage your wall. In both cases, you will get hit financially.

So, to abstain from such obstacles, here are the steps to follow to hang the mirror perfectly and securely. Here we go!

How to Hang a Big Mirror on the Wall 2021


Some of the necessary tools to hang a mirror.

  • Level
  • Pencil
  • Tape measure
  • Hammer


Materials required to complete the project.

  • Painter’s tape
  • Masking tape
  • Picture hooks
  • Large wall mirror

After getting all the tools and materials, follow the below-given steps to hang a heavy mirror on the wall.

1. Place for mirror

In the first step, decide the place where you like to hang your full-length mirror or circle mirror, or any other type. Ask someone to help you to hold the mirror on the spot and mark the places to hang with the pencil. 

2. Choose the right hooks

Choose the right hooks

To hang your mirror perfectly, you will have to install the wall hooks in the wall. Choosing the right hooks for your wall according to the mirror’s weight is very important. It is advised to have the weight of your mirror so you can get the hooks that can easily bear and accommodate your mirror’s weight.

3. Mark hook space

Mark hook space

Most of the mirrors come with built-in hardware used to hang them on the wall. Usually, there are D-rings behind the mirrors to hang. Place the masking tape along the back of the mirror and make small holes in the masking tape at the top of the D-rings. 

These holes will help you measure the distance from the top to the holes. Use this measurement and place the tape on the wall and mark the places where your hooks will establish. Make sure that your tape is straight so no problems occur.

4. Place the hails in hooks

Use a hammer to fix nails in the wall on the marks you placed earlier. Erase the other unnecessary marks on the wall to make your wall look clean.

5. Hang the mirror

Hang the mirror

The 5th and last step is to hang your mirror properly into the installed hooks. Get someone to help you in handling the heavy mirror with you. Hang the mirror in the hooks and you are all done with it. You can put a level on the top of the mirror to check whether it is straight or not.

Ending Notes! Hanging a heavy mirror is purely technical work. If you are a layman and have no knowledge of hanging mirrors or you think that you can’t follow the above instructions, then you should surely hire a professional to get the job perfectly done. Moreover, for purchasing a full-length mirror, circle mirror, octagon mirror, or any customized mirror, visit the Glass Genius website.