The contemporary homes have an assemblage of exceptional décor elements that are designed to intrigue and captivate modern-day design enthusiasts. Floating glass shelves are such décor elements that are popular for its sophisticated look and minimalistic visual appearance. These shelves are tailored to satisfy the need for functionality in an aesthetically-pleasing way. Available in several exclusive shapes, colors, and styles, modern floating shelves can also be customized into unique shapes and colors as per the unique décor needs of your interior space.

In addition to this aesthetic beauty and high-end functionality, these shelves are immensely popular because they are made with high-strength tempered glass and can be installed without the need for expert supervision. There’s a simple DIY procedure to install these shelves in your home and they are ideally used in the living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and bathroom spaces.

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Why Shelves Made of Glass?

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Glass shelves are a contemporary décor element and have replaced the bulky and outdated wooden shelves of the past. There are several reasons why these shelves are superior and grander than their wooden counterparts. Among them, the most important reason is that these shelves help maintain better coherency in design. Glass is extensively used in modern homes, and opting for shelves made of glass is the best idea to develop better consistency in design. 

Besides this, these shelves are translucent and minimalistic and perfectly satisfies the design requirements of modern homes. Allowing the easy passage of light, these shelves help the décor pieces, trophies, and elements shine brightest under the natural light. Not to forget, these shelves are made with modern-day tempered glass and are renowned for their strength and durability. This mixture of strength, durability, and aesthetic-superiority make the shelves made of glass a perfect choice for contemporary homes.

These shelves are also easy to clean and simple to maintain and that’s another reason why homeowners prefer these exceptionally-beautiful shelves. There are numerous homemade and commercial cleaning solutions available for cleaning shelves made of glass and its maintenance is incredibly economical.

Tools and Materials for this DIY Project

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Installing shelves is hassle-free and simple if you have the right tools and know the right technique. There aren’t any special tools required for installing these shelves and the majority of the required tools are available at your home. If not, these tools can be easily bought from the local hardware store at reasonably low prices. 

The key tools and materials for this DIY project are Pencil, Drill, Shelves, Measuring Tape, Wall Anchors, Level, and Screws. Some of these materials come along with the shelves such as the shelf itself and the wall anchors. However, installing a shelf is a simple process yet still, it is important to practice caution and safety especially when working with drills. With these tools and materials, you can easily install customized glass shelves in your home. 

There are certainly some key things to remember and some common mistakes to avoid and it is better to know some basics before starting this DIY project.   

Procedure to Install Glass Shelves

There are five simple steps to install a floating shelf made of glass in your home. These shelves are easy to handle, as they are lightweight yet strong and durable because of the tempered glass. Once you have all the tools and materials ready, it’s time to get started with this DIY project. 

  • Selecting the Perfect Shelve
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The first and most important step is to select the perfect shelf for your exclusive décor needs. There are several amazing styles and designs of shelves available such as rectangle floating shelves, quarter-circle shelves, triangle floating shelves, and many other customized shapes. In addition to this, the thickness of the glass is another essential characteristic to keep in mind while selecting the perfect shelf. This selection must be done keeping in view the application of the shelves, what sort of stuff will be placed on the shelf, and where will it be installed?

  • Placing the Shelves
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Commonly, the placement of the floating glass shelves depends on two things, the height of the object to be placed and the accessibility or reach. Besides this, there are exclusive shelf types made for exclusive places such as quarter-circle shelves are made for corners, and rectangle shelves are perfect for living rooms. 

  • Marking the Position
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Once you have identified the perfect place, it is time to hold the shelf on the desired position and mark its center point. Next, draw a horizontal line across the center point of the shelf with the help of a pencil and level. 

  • Drill the Holes
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The next step is to drill the holes in the marked places for installing the wall anchors. This is a simple step but must be done with precision. It is also important to make sure there are no electrical wires on the walls before drilling the holes. 

  • Mount the Floating Shelves
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Finally, it’s time to mount the shelves by placing them on the brackets and tightening the screws of the wall anchors. 

How to Keep Glass Shelves Clean?

DIY Procedure to Install Glass Shelves on the Wall
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The contemporary shelves made of glass aren’t only strong and durable but also easy to clean and simple to maintain. Cleaning these shelves is incredibly easy and all you need is an effective homemade cleaning solution or a low-ammoniated glass cleaner product. These products can restore the shine and sparkle of glass shelves with ease and simplicity. Glass and Mirror Cleaner Foam is one such product that is incredibly effective in cleaning the modern shelves made of glass. This cleaner effectively restores the sparkling shine of the glass and freshens the interior space with its pleasant aroma. 

It is a single glass cleaning product with many applications around the home and can be used to clean any glass from window glass to glass staircase. The simple maintenance, aesthetic beauty, strength, durability, and easy installation make these shelves a perfect choice for sophisticated and classy modern-day homes.