The importance of having a shower in your house cannot be overstated. The average person takes a bath at least twice a day. It is a room where you get to wash away the dirt collected during your errands either before going to work or after a long busy day.

How to Install a Shower Door by DIY
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Besides its functional role. Showers and bathrooms can be used to increase the value of a home if the right hardware is used. This brings us to the idea of installing glass shower doors. They come in many sizes, styles, and materials. If your house is old, you can still replace your shower door. Installation is easy and affordable. You could get a deal done in just $250. Glass shower doors can enhance the aesthetics of your home, giving it a modern touch.

Alternatively, you could do it yourself. Fixing your own house is an exciting task and a way for you to save money. Here is what you need to know about installing shower doors by yourself.

Tools & materials required to install a shower door

For a DIY shower installation to be done right, you should have the necessary tools for the job. To keep the water where it is supposed to be, you will need the following tools for your shower door installation.

  1. Tape measure

The first step towards successful shower door installation is getting the dimensions right. A tape measure will help you get the dimensions of the shower opening.

  1. A sketchbook and a pen

A simple sketch of your shower is needed. By drawing it, you can indicate the measurements you obtained for the shower opening.

  1. Aluminum base track

This helps in preventing the shower door from swinging back after opening or closing the door.

  1. Hacksaw and a file

A hacksaw is needed for cutting different parts during the installation. Such may include the base track. The file, on the other hand, will be required for smoothing the edges after cutting.

  1. Silicone sealant

This will be used to seal the edges where the track joins the walls of your shower opening.

  1. A drill

This will help you drill holes for the screws used to secure the frames and panels.

Steps to Install a Sliding Shower Door

Sliding glass shower doors come with many benefits. For one, they do not need extra room for opening. Hence they save on space. They are elegant and allow you easy reach to items outside the shower without stepping out from it. Within a few hours in the afternoon, you can get the job done effortlessly. Here is how to go about it.


  1. Take measurements of the shower opening.

A well-fitting shower door will effectively prevent water from spilling outside your bathroom. Using the tape measure, get the dimensions of the shower opening, and transfer the measurements to your sketchbook or paper.

  1. Cut the track.

The shower door sills and tracks often come with larger measurements. Use the measurements collected to cut them to fit your opening. Once you are done cutting the tracks into accurate measurements, use the file to smoothen the edges.

  1. Place the track on the threshold and use silicon sealant to glue it.

Ensure that each side of the threshold has equal space for the track. Place the base track and ensure that it is properly aligned. Use your pen to mark your placement, in case the track falls from the position as you work.

Once the track is in proper alignment, use the silicone sealant to cement it into position. Apply pressure for some time to ensure the track is glued properly.

  1. Fix the side post or jamb of your shower door into the track.

 After the sealant has dried, slide in the side post into the track, and make sure it properly aligns with the wall.

  1. Fix the screws.

Once the jamb is in alignment with the wall, you can establish where you should drill in the screws. You can use the pen to mark the position of the screws to avoid dispositioning. On marking the holes, remove the jamb and drill the holes. You can install plastic anchors to protect the surface.

Once the holes are made, reposition the jamb, drill in the screws and fasten them.

  1. Install the rollers and shower door.

First, install the hanging brackets. Some sliding shower doors come with rollers. If not, you can just install them in the brackets and track them in the threshold. Insert the inside door by sliding it to the end, followed by the outer one. After confirming they are sliding freely, you can now install the door pulls or any other related hardware.

Steps to Install a Fixed Shower Door

Installing a fixed shower door is simple. Here is how to go about it.

Steps to Install a Fixed Shower Door
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  1. Take measurements and mark the walls where the fixed shower door is needed to install.

On the walls of your shower opening. Make vertical lines where the glass shower door is to be installed. This is basically where you will fix the clamps or grips that will hold the glass in place.

  1. Drill clamps into the wall.

After taking measurements and establishing the center points for the clamps, drill holes into the wall. Use plastic anchors to protect the surface and screw the clamps into the wall.

  1. Place the glass shower door in the clamps.

Place the door in the clamps slowly and ensure that it is appropriately aligned. The grip of the clamps can be adjusted. Adjust until the glass door is tightly held in place. However, do not apply too much pressure on the grips as it might damage the glass.

Installation guideline for DIY

Installation guideline for DIY

The installation guideline for glass shower doors shows you the different steps that you should take while installing any of the various types of shower doors. Proper guidelines can help you successfully install a functional shower door, while at the same time saving on costs.

Proper guidelines will prevent accidents, damage to hardware, and ensure that the available materials are used efficiently. Using quality glass is also necessary for a successful project. 

The online buying procedure to get quality shower door for this DIY project

After skimming excellent customer’s reviews at bottom of the page, you can confidently place online order for your favorite shower door by following the below steps without paying any delivery charges:

  1. Select shower door type: Choose one of the eight different types that you like to install in your bathroom. Click on the image of the shower door style you want to buy.
  2. Select Layout: You will have choice where you want the handle of your shower door. Choose your desired location of the handle by clicking on the image of that layout.
  3. Select Measurement: Third step is the most important one because the dimensions of the shower door must be precise that could fit to your bathroom area where you want to install.
  4. Choose Glass Type & Thickness: Choose one of the eight types of glass: Clear, Low iron, Rain Glass, Frosted Glass, Bronze Glass, and Gray Glass. In all of these available options, you will get shower door made of tempered glass, which is much safer and durable than ordinary glass. Additionally, there are two options to choose thickness of the glass: 3/8″ and 1/2″. Choose either of these two thicknesses and click on button “Next”.
  5. Select Hardware: This step provides different designs of handles that you want to have with the shower door. Additionally, there are four options of material which the handle is made of. Choose one of the Hardware Finish, and then click on button “Next”.
  6. Select Option: If you want to add glass surface protection, you may choose “EnduroShield”. Also, there are four Add-ons things whichever you want to include with your shower door. When you click on the button “Next”, a dialog box will appear that will ask you to name your product, which will be saved for future reference. 
  7. My showers: There you see all the information about your desired shower door. You may review the details to see whether you need any revision in this order. If not, go ahead to click on “Continue”.
  8. Enter your information: The last step is to enter your information including name, contact and address where you want to receive your order. After successfully entering your complete information, click on the button “Send Your Request”. That’s it! You will get your order in a short duration of 3, 4 days. 

Proper guidelines to install shower doors will prevent any mishaps, damages and ensure that the available materials are used efficiently.