Glass cutting is a fascinating task that is acquired with a bit of patience and caution. Many people try to cut glass but fail, and they give up. Why is that? The reason is that they don’t have much practice cutting a glass cut to size. However, it is undoubtedly an easy task that you can DIY at home.

The essential tool required for cutting glass to any shape is the glass cutter. It is an inexpensive pencil-sized tool readily available in any hardware shop or the glass market. Any beginner trying to cut a glass must ensure safety. He should wear goggles and gloves for protection. 

Glass Genius is here with a DIY guide to cut a glass sheet safely. 

Which glass can you cut and which you can’t?

All types of glass, including annealed glass, glass mirrors, glass tiles, and ordinary glass, can be cut to any shape and size. However, you cannot cut the tempered glass because it is a safety glass, and it will break into harmless pieces if tried to cut after tempering.

DIY steps to cut glass safely

Cutting glass sheet is kinda technical task that demands your full concentration and needs you to follow a procedure with proper tools.

How to cut a glass sheet safely

1. Thoroughly clean the glass

Thoroughly clean the glass

In the first step, you have to clean your glass thoroughly. Any dirt or grime on the glass will interfere in the glass cutting operation, resulting in an uneven glass edge. Use a glass cleaner to clean both sides of the glass. Ensure that the glass cutter wheel is also clean before starting the operation. To clean the cutter’s wheel, you can lubricate the cutter by dabbing a little drop of lubricating oil on the tip of the cutter.

2. Lay the glass on a flat surface

Lay the glass on a flat surface

To get the best results, lay the glass on a clean, flat, and layered surface. Plywood or a firm table cushioned with newspaper, fabric, or butcher paper to get a smoother surface while eliminating the bumps.

3. Take the measurements

Lay your glass on the prepared surface and get a framing square, ruler, or measuring tape to measure the correct dimensions. You can mark the dimensions if necessary to cut the glass accurately.

4. Cut the glass

Cut the glass

Now you are finally in the process of cutting your glass. Prioritize your safety and wear goggles and gloves to avoid any hazards during cutting. 

To cut the glass, place the straightedge along with the marks you made. If the straightedge is slippery, you can put a piece of masking tape beneath the straightedge to improve stability. Add a tiny drop of lubricant on the cutter wheel and place it at the far end of the straightedge. 

Pull the cutter towards you while inserting a moderate pressure. If you hear the ripping sound, you have got the things right.

5. Break the glass by adding pressure

Break the glass by adding pressure

Remove the straightedge from the glass. Put your palms on either side of the mark and exert pressure on both sides. The glass will then snap into two pieces.

Smoothen the sharp edges

When you snap the glass into two pieces, the edges of the glass will be sharp. For this, use fine-grit sandpaper or a sharpening stone to reduce the sharpness of the edges and make them safer to handle. Cheers! You are all done with the cutting of a glass using a glass cutter. Now you can cut any custom cut glass to any shape or size. 

Practice makes a man perfect!

Above, Glass Genius has given you a complete and concise guide to having a custom-cut glass of any size. We hope that this guide helps you in achieving your goals. Initially, you will find it difficult to cut the glass. However, with practice, you will succeed. 

The main thing is to know how much pressure you need to exert on the glass. Once you learn this, you will be a master of this skill. 

Get a custom-cut glass online

Cutting a glass DIY is an easy thing. You can learn this skill by having a little practice. However, if you are a workaholic person and have no time to DIY cut the glass, many online platforms provide custom cut glass solutions. Just take the measurements of the place where you want to insert glass and order online on any platform. You can also order glass cut to size from the Glass Genius website, the first glass-based marketplace to fulfill your glass needs.