Frameless glass shower doors are all the rage these days. And it’s perfectly justified, though! 

Frameless glass doors are the highpoint of elegance and style. Aspire to turn your ordinary bathroom into an ultra-luxe one? Install frameless glass shower doors!

Want to make a style statement in your bathroom interior? Invest in frameless glass shower doors!

Frameless glass shower doors are the spot-on solution to all the design problems. It’s valued among the designers and cherished by the homeowners. However, there are some discords related to the frameless glass shower doors cost. We are here to walk you through them and offer a comprehensive guide on frameless glass shower doors costs. So let’s dig in!

What are frameless glass shower doors?

What are frameless glass shower doors

As the name implies, frameless glass shower doors lack any frame or metal supports to hold the glass panels in place. The door panels of frameless glass shower doors are made up of solid tempered glass. The toughened glass is sturdy enough to function without any metal framing. 

The lack of metal supports makes frameless glass shower doors super-sleek and chic. The all-glass structure gives the bathroom a neat, refined, and classy look. 

Some other reasons why homeowners and design experts prefer frameless glass shower doors over other shower doors are as follows,

  • Frameless glass shower doors come in multiple sizes and dimensions to go with your bathroom dimensions. You can also get them customized to match your design particulars. 
  • They allow the flow of light through the bathroom like no other shower enclosure. 
  • Frameless shower enclosures have the ability to make small bathrooms look wider and brighter. 
  • The lack of metal framing makes frameless glass shower enclosures super easy to clean.
  • There are very little to no chances of mold build-up on the frameless shower doors. 
  • Frameless glass shower doors add an exceptional class to the bathroom and emphasize the design aesthetics of the bathroom. 

Frameless glass shower doors cost

Now that you have a good understanding of the frameless shower doors and their aesthetic benefits, let’s move on to considering the cost value of these beauties. 

Factors that affect the frameless glass shower doors cost

Like any other home addition, there are some factors that impact the total frameless glass shower door’s cost value. Let’s consider the factors to understand the frameless glass shower doors cost better. Below are the grounds on which the cost of a frameless shower door is evaluated. 

  • The thickness of the glass panel
  • Quality of the glass used
  • Type of glass used
  • Size of the door
  • Glass  design 

Follow through to get some insights into these factors. 

1. Thickness of the glass panel

Thickness of the glass panel

As the glass doors have no additional support system so the frameless glass enclosures usually incorporate thick glass panels. Although the tempered glass used in frameless glass doors is quite sturdy, the frameless glass shower doors are still available in different thicknesses to cater to different design requirements. ½ inches thick glass is perfect for glass shower doors. However, experts recommend ⅜ inches thick glass for frameless shower doors. Apart from the conventional glass thickness, you can also go for custom glass thickness. However, just so you know, it would be harder to operate a thicker glass panel, as it will naturally be heavier. 

The more the thickness of the glass door, the higher is the strength, and thus more is the total cost of the glass doors. So be ready to spend some extra bucks if you are opting for thicker glass panels. 

2. Quality of the glass used

Quality of the glass used

It is very important that only the best quality glass is used in the frameless glass shower doors. Never compromise on the quality of the glass even if you have to pay a little extra. You will get payback in the long run. Double-check the glass quality with the experts and deal only with authentic glass stores. 

Toughened glass is typically used in glass shower doors. The glass achieved from a comprehensive toughening process is better in quality and thus costs more. Invest in a better quality glass door to reap long-term benefits. 

3. Type of glass used

Type of glass used

Tempered glass is generally used in frameless glass shower doors. However, other glass types are also available for the seekers. 

Laminated glass is another type of glass that is used in glass shower doors. Laminated glass is made from two or more glass panes that are held together through an interlayer of adhesive resin. Laminated glass is also known as shatterproof glass. It is potentially unbreakable. Laminated glass shower doors are not as popular with homeowners as tempered glass shower doors. However, one can choose laminated glass shower doors for enhanced safety. Keep in mind that laminated glass shower doors cost more than toughened glass doors. The fabricators would also require a longer lead-time to cut and design laminated glass shower doors.

4. Size of the door

Size of the door

The size of the door is different for every bathroom. Some shower areas are smaller while the others require a larger door. Labor, installation, and material costs increase with the size of the door. However, it all depends on your bathroom dimensions. You can’t go with a small shower door if your shower area requires bigger glass doors. So make sure to take the proper measurements and get the right shower doors. The prices go up with the size of the frameless shower doors.

Sometimes the standard shower doors might not fit in your bathroom. You would require specially cut and designed doors in this case. Getting custom-cut shower doors also put an added strain on the total cost.

5. Glass design

Glass design

Different designs of glass are available in the market. Textured, frosted, clear, decorative, and tinted glass are the most popular. Clear glass costs the least while the cost of other designs increases with the extent of the design. 

The average cost of a frameless shower door

Considering all these factors, the cost of a typical frameless shower door may vary from $900 to $1500.  The installation of a standard frameless shower door costs around $750 to $1000, depending on the complexity of the job. 

If you are up for full customization, it can cost you a whopping $1600 to $3500 or more to install a frameless shower enclosure. 

It is quite obvious that frameless shower doors cost more than the other shower door types. However, the class and elegance frameless shower doors bring in the interior make every penny worth it!