Glass doors, glass boards, glass walls!

Everything glassy and glossy is in vogue these days. Let’s take some time out to appreciate the impact of glass tabletops on our interior. Glass tabletops have always been an integral part of our furniture sets. Be it our sitting area or dining room, we have tables there. Glass tabletops have particularly gained popularity due to their sleek design and sophisticated look. We have rounded up some glass tabletops-exclusive ideas to flatter your home interior. 

  • Make It the Star of Your Living Room!

Make It the Star of Your Living Room

Where else can a coffee table radiate its grace better than the living room? There should be a place in the sitting area where you can put your drinks, snacks, glass, remote, magazines, and other such stuff. Central tables are primarily used for this purpose but be mindful of the fact that the central table is the focal point of your living room. Round or rectangular glass tabletops make a perfect coffee table. Make it a point to style the central table aesthetically. Put your favorite art pieces, stack the magazines and make it the hotspot of your sitting area. 

  • Maximize the Space And Light!

Maximize the Space And Light

Rigid shapes, heavy furniture, and all-brown are the things of the past now. Homeowners prefer light, functional and sophisticated furniture over exotic furnishing. 

Nothing can create an illusion of space like shiny surfaces. Glass table tops provide an open view and create a feeling of extended space. Moreover, glass tabletops capture the light and let it flow through the space, creating an open and airy feel. So invest in round, rectangular or square glass tabletops and complement your interior. You can also choose custom glass tabletops to boost your interior. Bent glass tables and all-glass furniture is a step further in making the home spacious and bright. You can choose these to add a futuristic feel to your home.

  • Don’t Forget to Boost Your Home Exterior!
Don't Forget to Boost Your Home Exterior

While talking about improving the home interior, we often overlook the influence of outdoor furniture on the overall look and feel of the home. The right outdoor furniture and patio picks make a big difference. The glass tabletops enliven the interior as well the exterior. Glass tops give off a refreshing vibe and add an exceptional class to the outdoors. So make sure to step up your evening tea sessions with round or square glass table tops. 

  • Flaunt the Grace Of a Rectangular Glass Tabletop in Your Dining Area!
Flaunt the Grace Of a Rectangular Glass Tabletop in Your Dining Area

After the sitting area, the dining room is the most prominent space for glass tabletops. Rectangular glass table tops have always been serving as the perfect dining table. Make sure to enhance the glass dining table with a statement rug. The clear surface of the dining table allows the light to pass through making the rug a point of attraction. Place a centerpiece and create a perfect space for family dinners and regular meals. 

  • Be Your Own Design Guru!

You can find several rulebooks and manuals on home decor. However, nothing can beat the charm of your own creativity in the home interior. Unleash your inner artist. Let your design sense shine through your interior choices. Break the ordinary and make some unique choices. Round, rectangle and square glass tabletops are a common trend these days. You can get custom glass tabletops for your living space. Choose a unique shape and place the order for a custom glass tabletop. The fabricator will get glass for table top cut to size and create your specified design. 

Final Words! 

The glass tabletops are a perfect addition to any interior space. You can either choose from the available shapes and styles or get glass for table top cut to size and make an impression with your style aesthetics!