What are Fireclay Farmhouse Sinks?

Fireclay farmhouse sinks are trendy and in-fashion in 2021. These sinks are made from the fireclay, which is found only in a few regions of the world. They are ultra-durable, versatile, and chic for a kitchen sink.

What are Fireclay Farmhouse Sinks
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How a Fireclay Farmhouse Sink is manufactured?

The manufacturing of fireclay sinks takes place when the clay and glaze are mixed together at extremely high temperatures. Mostly the temperature is set at 2000-degree Fahrenheit. The procedure for manufacturing is given below:

Molding of the clay

First of all, the clay is molded in the desired shapes and sizes. Different brands use different molds according to their style. However, you can choose contemporary/traditional/modern molds for the sinks. The choice is yours!

  • Covering the clay!

After the clay is dried, it is covered with a porcelain enamel by hand. Once the covering is applied the sink is put into the kiln for the purpose of baking.

  • The temperature of the kiln

The temperature is set at 2000F for the purpose of baking and the sink is kept in the kiln for almost 24 hours. The high temperatures make the sink non-porous, strong, and versatile.

Configuration of the Fireclay Farmhouse Sink

Configuration of the Fireclay Farmhouse Sink
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Once you are done with the size of the sink, it’s time you choose the configuration for the sink. It is up to you if you opt for a single bowl fireclay sink or double bowl fireclay sink. Both of them are extremely stylish and versatile!

  • Single bowl fireclay sink

Single bowl fireclay has its own advantages, because of the large surface area; you can easily stack all of your dishes and trays inside the sink. This way it is more convenient for you to wash dishes without any resistance in your way!

  • Double bowl fireclay sink 

Double bowl fireclay sinks are more advantageous for the people who need segregation while washing their dishes. This way you can clean the dishes in one sink and prep for another meal in the next sink!

Pros of fireclay farmhouse sinks 

Pros of fireclay farmhouse sinks
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  • They are highly durable!

Fireclay is one of the most durable materials used for the manufacturing of sinks. They can withstand harsh hits and blows. You can literally throw anything at the sink, but it won’t budge! That’s why they are durable! 

  • They are heat resistant!

Because they are made at extremely high temperatures, they are highly heat-resistant! We all know that heat-resistant kitchenware is more preferable. With a fireclay farmhouse, you should not worry about the cracking of the sink due to high temperatures.

  • They are easy to clean

Don’t worry if there is a stain on your sink. The best thing about these sinks is the ease of cleaning! Clean all the stains with just a swipe of clothing!

Cons of the fireclay farmhouse sinks

Cons of the fireclay farmhouse sinks
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  • They are pricey 

One of the biggest disadvantages of fireclay farmhouse is the price. They are a big investment, so if you are willing to spend a fortune on them, go ahead and give your kitchen a refreshing, new look!

  • They are heavy

Because these sinks are made up of clay, they are a little heavier to install than the regular sinks. It is important that at the time of installment you choose a sturdy place, otherwise, without proper support, they can easily break.

Pick a sink according to your style!

Pick a sink according to your style!
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Your décor reflects your own personality. So, it is important that every piece in your house screams your personality and traits. Another thing is the right coordination. If your entire kitchen is contemporary, make sure to choose a contemporary sink, otherwise, the vibe may not match. And, it would create a bizarre look.

Typical features of the sink 

  1. The thickness of the walls should be thin, otherwise, they won’t look impressive.
  2. More rectangular corners are preferred if you are choosing a fireclay sink!
  3. They should not have protruded lips

The Bottom Line!

Fireclay sinks are absolutely next in fashion, as they are long-lasting, versatile, and stylish looking! Depending on your taste and style, choose the perfect model for your kitchen. On top of everything, they are easily maintainable and clean.