Unique Home Décor Ideas with Decorative Wall Mirrors

Decorative mirrors come in all sorts of shapes and sizes; you utilize them and fill the abandoned walls with them. Wall mirrors make the place look spacious by increasing the magnitude of the room, and they also give a decorative touch to your awkward wardrobes and bathrooms. 

Over the decades, decorative wall mirrors have gotten accustomed to the style of modern art. They look very bold, brazen, and unashamed of their beauty. It is up to you to choose a chic mirror or a stylish mirror. Because through décor, you reflect your personality and inner self.

Interior décor ideas 

You can get as creative as you when it comes to decorating your house. From round mirrors to asymmetrical mirrors, choose whatever suits you the best! Here are some ideas;

  • Adding an Athos mirror in the walk-in closet

walk-in closets are usually very dark and have minimal light. Most people ignore the closets while revamping their houses. It is not a very smart move because a closet is where you dress up every day for a living. Giving less consideration to a place where you get ready is odd. 

A simple way to revamp your closet is by adding an “Athos” mirror. These décor mirrors have a very chic, contemporary look to them. Athos mirror is a metal-framed mirror crafted with a leather and brass finishing. This beautifully carved mirror can be hung on the wall or set as a free-standing mirror according to your taste. 

Athos mirror adds modernity and simplicity into your old, dark walk-in closet. Now, you can check yourself out while playing dress-up every day and overcome your shortcomings daily!

  • Adding asymmetrical mirrors in your bedrooms

Adding asymmetrical mirrors in your bedrooms

Instead of adding rectangular or round mirrors, add asymmetrically shaped mirrors in your bedrooms. They look very bold and modern. Depending on how far you are willing to go, you can use other mirrors with different geometrical patterns. 

Why not take a risk? You can never go wrong with asymmetrical mirrors. No matter how you hang them, they will always make a statement in your bedroom!

  • Adding a Crackle in your foyer

A crackle mirror is made up of gold-plated brass, and it is a smoky black mirror with sharp edges. Crackle mirror emblazon your foyer with a surreal beauty! Undoubtedly, the foyer is the entrance of the house, so making it a statement is crucial! 

  • Adding crown mirrors in abandoned corners

Adding crown mirrors in abandoned corners

When you are decorating the house, many corners are left unnoticed. To decorate these abandoned corners, you can choose Crown mirrors. These elegant, vintage, and Victorian age mirrors uplift the look of your entire house!

Crown mirrors are simple round mirrors with a smoky brass finish that stands out on its own.

  • Adding huge wall-size mirrors in the lounge

Adding huge wall-size mirrors in the lounge

A living lounge is a place where you feel the most comfortable. After having a tiring day, you sit on the couch and watch your favorite shows to relax. So, this place is the heart of your whole house, and it needs more attention when it comes to decorative wall mirrors.

Adding a free-standing wall-size mirror adds elegance to your lounge; not only it makes the room look spacious, but it also brightens the room. It is the specialty of adding beautiful decorative mirrors to your house, and you can never go wrong with them!

  • Adding LED mirrors on your vanity

Adding LED mirrors on your vanity

There is not enough light to brighten your pretty face? You can add LED mirrors to your vanity. It will allow you to get ready and apply makeup more carelessly and seamlessly.

LED mirrors come in various shapes and sizes according to your desire and need. You can choose either a round or rectangular LED mirror. It will suffice your need for adequate lighting and also make your room look more beautiful!

  • Adding free-standing mirrors in your bathroom

Adding free-standing mirrors in your bathroom

Do you want to take long baths to relax? Make your bathroom your personalized spa by decorating it well! Add a full-length mirror to your bathroom. It will allow you to get a full-body view without obstructing your space. 

Adding full-length mirrors in your bathroom is a great way to decorate your space. It will add more magnitude to your bathroom, and it will create the illusion of space! 

You can further read bathroom mirror ideas from mydiydecor.

  • Adding oval-shaped mirrors in your dining room

Adding oval-shaped mirrors in your dining room

Are you having a hard time decorating your dining room? You can easily decorate your dining room by adding a console and a round or oval-shaped mirror! It will add elegance to the entire room while preserving its simplicity!

  • Adding empire mirrors on the walls of the staircase

Adding empire mirrors on the walls of the staircase

Empire mirrors have an assertive, chic look, which can go with any interior design and décor. They are handmade by the junction of simple straight vertical tubes of mirrors. The Empire mirror can add to the walls of your staircase!

  • Adding a star-shaped mirror in your lounge

Star-shaped mirrors are handcrafted by a single thread of rope that gives your decoration a proper way. The intricate pattern enhances the beauty of a simple round-shaped mirror! You can DIY it or buy it from the market and place it in your lounge!


Want to revamp your house? Following are decorative wall mirror ideas to decorate your home using different styles! Style your house, get creative, and reflect your personality in your house. These wall mirrors enhance the power of house décor by adding elegance and beauty, so you can either go for round wall mirrors or LED mirrors; both are perfect.