An Essential Oils Ultimate Guide for Humidifiers

What are essential oils?

What are essential oils

Essential oils are the essence of a plant that gets extracted from different parts of the plant. Not every plant gives extracts of essential oils. 

The essential oil is found only in the leaves, stems, roots, flowers, and fruits. This oil in plants is responsible for the plant’s scent and protects it from damaging environmental conditions and assists in pollination too.

These oils are also known as volatile oils and ethereal oils.

How essential oil is extracted?

The commonly used methods to get the essential oils from plants are:

  • Cold Pressing: In this method, the oil is extracted by mechanically pressing or squeezing the plant that makes it release the juice or oil. 
  • Water Distillation or Steam: This process makes the steam or water pass through the plants, pulling the essential components away from the plant and giving you the extract. 

Can you put Essential Oils in a Humidifier?

Manufacturers and even the experts didn’t recommend putting essential oils in simple humidifiers because after adding oil, it is unable to produce mist and can crack the water tank. Mostly Essential oils are used in diffusers, however, Some specific humidifiers also have essential oil features. Some have a medicine cup on the mist lid, which is especially for the essential oils like an Ultrasonic cool mist humidifier. If you have a single humidifier and adding oil is necessary, just add few drops, and for the best results clean your humidifier regularly.

Why are essential oils used in humidifiers?

To reduce the dryness in the air that irritates the parts of the body, humidifiers are used that add moisture to the air. The mist that a humidifier emits is odorless and has no scent. To make the air filled with a pleasant scent, essential oils are added to the humidifiers that also offer health benefits. 

Diffuser vs Humidifier – Which is best for essential oils?

Diffuser vs Humidifier

A diffuser and a humidifier seem very similar though they have different properties. A humidifier is used to increase the humidity level in a room, whereas the foremost objective of a diffuser is to freshen up the air of space. 

Talking about the essential oils to add up with a diffuser or humidifier, first, you have to make your requirements clear. If your main concern is achieving an optimal humidity level in your environment, you should go for a humidifier. 

However, if you want to avail the benefits of essential oils and spread them in the air then a diffuser is the best thing you can have.

Some of the best essential oils for humidifiers and Diffusers

best essential oils for humidifiers and Diffusers

For Humidifiers

Here is the list of some best essential oils that you can put in the humidifiers:

  • Lavender essential oil
  • Tea tree oil
  • Bergamot essential oil
  • Patchouli essential oil
  • Rose essential oil
  • Sandalwood essential oil
  • Marjoram essential oil
  • Lemongrass oil
  • Peppermint essential oil
  • Eucalyptus essential oil

For Diffusers

The best essential oils to use in diffusers are:

  • Frankincense essential oil
  • Pine essential oil
  • Chamomile oil
  • Grapefruit essential oil
  • Cedarwood essential oil
  • Peppermint essential oil

Benefits of Essential Oils

Some of the healthy benefits of essential oils are: 

  • Supportive to release stress
  • Boost your mood
  • Better sleep
  • Helpful to relieve headaches and migraines
  • Have antiseptic properties

How to use a Humidifier safely?

Everything has some operating cautions to restrain any kind of health injury. Similarly, before operating a humidifier, you need to be aware of some risks and safety precautions to avoid any health reactions.

How to use a Humidifier safely
  • Manage the humidity: Avoid adding too much moisture to your space as more than 50% humidity can help bacteria and mold growth. In return, you may face asthma or other allergies.
  • Distilled water in a humidifier: Use only distilled water in your humidifier as it has fewer minerals. Your humidifier can release unhealthy mineral particles in the air that cause health risks. 
  • Proper cleaning of machine: The humidifier machines demand cleaning after every use. Ensure that the water tank of the humidifier completely dries before using it again. Avoid using standing water as it might have bacteria, fungi, or molds. So, rinse the water tank and replace the old water with the fresh one every night. 
  • Care of filters: Some humidifiers have filters or any other parts that require cleaning or replacing regularly. Clean and replace such parts according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Precautions and Risks

Precautions and Risks

Keep the following things in mind while using a humidifier.

  • Don’t let your room have a humidity of more than 50%.
  • Unclean humidifiers can lead to having respiratory issues.
  • Keep an eye on your children if you are having a warm mist humidifier. Ensure that your child doesn’t touch it to avoid any burn.
  • Always use distilled water in the humidifier.
  • The cool mist humidifiers tend to emit mineral particles that may cause risk for the lungs.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

What is the ideal humidity level using humidifiers?

The ideal humidity level is 45% to 50%. If the level exceeds, it can cause bacteria and mold to take place. 

What should be the size of a humidifier?

The size of your humidifier depends upon the square foot area of your place. Look into the specifications of the humidifier as many manufacturers provide the square foot area to humidify by the machine. 

When should I refill my humidifier?

If you use your humidifier 24/7, then you will need to refill it after every 24 hours. Otherwise, if the use of a humidifier is based on irregular intervals, then you won’t have to change the water after every 24 hours.

Can you put essential oils in the humidifier?

Yes, you can put essential oils in a humidifier. However, those are not specifically designed for such purposes. 

Key Takeaways

Humidifiers help you get an optimized moisture level, whereas the diffusers fill your space with a pleasant smell. Humidifiers also give health properties, but they could be used by keeping all health considerations in mind. 

Buy a humidifier that fulfills your needs and run it only when required. Keep your humidifier machine clean, and don’t use standing water from one day to the next day. Use it safely by keeping all the precautions in mind to get the best health benefits.