So, are you too, agitated by your dark and dingy basement? That’s probably because of the horror movies we have watched, that are shot in dark places and make the basement a frightening space of a house. Well, apart from it, cellars usually don’t possess large windows. So, there isn’t any way for the natural light to enter into basements. This makes the cellar’s furnishing a big challenge! So, you might be contemplating, isn’t there any easy-peasy yet rock-bottom technique to brighten up the basements? We have got you covered! You can go for effortless techniques like adding decorative mirrors, swapping paint colors, and much more. Simply, stick to the write-up till the end, explore the simple home décor hacks and implement them to make things happen.

8 smart yet brilliant hacks to brighten up basements

  • Choose a bright wall paint
Choose a bright wall paint

Well, if you want to inspire your guests with a brighter basement, then choose a light-tone wall paint color. That’s mostly recommended because white walls enhance the internal light. Avoid using dark or bold colors in basements, as they will make them quite darker and dull. 

  • Make your walls reflect!

Now, how can your walls reflect? Simply, with the addition of wall mirrors. The more mirrors you add up in the cellars, the more it would reflect light. Try adding decorative mirrors where they can reflect natural or artificial light. They perfectly add an illusion of additional windows in the cellars and more space. 

More strategic ceiling lightning

More strategic ceiling lightning

In basements specifically, more lighting is required. So, strive for creating strategic lightning there. You can check out the layout of your space first, and how you have planned to place furniture, then add lights accordingly. If you mixed up hanging pendant lights with floor lamps or ceiling lights, then you can create the illusion of a high roofed basement. 

  • Select frosted glass doors

As we all know, with the help of basement spaces, we can increase the privacy of our homes. So, here we are up to go for frosted glass doors and the reason is simple: the reflective nature of glass. When we add frosted glass doors, we can increase the privacy as well as brightness. That’s a win-win hack!

  • Opt for light wood flooring
Opt for light wood flooring

Another hack to increase lighting in the dark basements is to simply add light wood floors that’s shiny one. The floors with the shiny surface will reflect the light and increase lighting in the cellars. 

Some people love dark wood flooring. It may work for ground floor buildings or houses but not for the basement. Here, you are supposed to add shiny, brighter, or light tone stuff, so that you can create more space, light, and value. 

  • Consider plants
Consider plants

Do you love plants? Even if you never consider them as a necessity in your home décor, we recommend adding evergreen plants in your basement interior. Well, the reason is, this way you can maintain the atmosphere in basements as there is a bit low ventilation. So, it would help increase the level of oxygen there and create a livelier and fresh ambiance. 

  • Metal accents with a reflective surface

Treat your basement like another house, so put in a little effort to decorate it well. While choosing and decorating with bigger things, don’t forget to add little metal accents. Metal accents with reflective surfaces can help you out to increase lighting in darker spaces. Choose little ornaments with metal surfaces like chandeliers, lamp stands, etc. 

  • Declutter your space

Whenever your space is de-cluttered, it will look airy yet brighter. So, clear up your space by hiding unnecessary stuff and maintaining the style. 

Why is the basement: the icing on the cake?

Here below are some reasons why people love to have basements in their buildings:

  • They add space
They add space

Well, that’s true. Cellars add additional space to our homes or offices, or whatever the building is used for. You can create more storage space so that your entire house would be de-cluttered and airy. 

  • They provide more privacy

Who doesn’t love to have privacy? We all do. So, if you want to increase privacy in your homes, utilize your cellars to hide the stuff that you don’t want to expose. 

  • More bedrooms
More bedrooms

With basements, you guys have more and more bedrooms without increasing your home area, geographically. Within the confined land, you have multiple bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchen; in short, you are having one more house. 

  • Best for summers

Basement is an area that is way cooler than the entire home. So, it’s perfect to stay in a basement in hot summers and save energy. 

  • Add value to the home

Basements, if furnished well, can significantly increase the sale’s value of your home.

A last bit!

Your basement is a repurposed space, you can re-decorate it according to your needs. Sometimes, we need to create a separate play spot for our kiddos, so the cellar is the best space. Or, you can set other games for adults, a pool, or a comfortable spot for reading. So, make it brighter and spacious with the help of the above hacks.