How to do Bathroom Renovation, Benefits and Cost to Remodeling

Change is healthy, and after years of staying in a house, a remodel would refresh your entire interior. There may be several reasons for wanting a remodel: preparing your home for a sale, giving it a fresh look, and fixing damaged areas. 

The bathroom is one of the most critical in terms of cleanliness and hygiene place in a home. It is essentially where your day starts and ends. Some of the most brilliant ideas come in the bathroom and the best place to disconnect from the world. A bathroom remodeling will give you a new grooming experience and enhance the aesthetics of your home.

Benefits of the Renovating Shower Space

Here is the list of benefits you will relish when you remodel and add some improvements to your shower area.

key benefits of remondeling your shower area

1. Increased comfort level

Increased comfort level

Several fixes and remodeling in your shower area will increase comfort and relaxation when using the bathroom. Increased storage space will make your shower more organized and airy. Replacing your old tub with an ergonomic one will create a spa-like environment. Using lighting with warm colors will increase calmness. There are many ways you can increase comfort in your shower area through remodeling.

2. Surge the value of your home

Surge the value of your home

One of the rooms that buyers consider when purchasing a home is the bathroom. A shower area remodeling can instantly increase the value of your home. Updating the faucets, installing modern countertops, replacing the shower doors, and adding a fresh layer of paint is enough to attract a buyer and improve the resale value of your home.

3. Enlarged space and improved aesthetics

Enlarged space and improved aesthetics

A shower enclosure can make your space less rammed. A well-thought-out reconstruction can result in increased space. For instance, you are replacing your shower curtains with a glass panel or using built-in fixtures. With a remodel, your shower will look brand new, and you are going to enjoy spending time in the bathroom.

The average cost of remodeling a shower enclosure

When planning for a shower area remodel, one of the questions you will ask yourself is how much will it cost you? Well, several factors will determine the cost of a remodel. Generally, the cost of a remodel could be anything between $700 to $3000, depending on what you will be fixing.

1. Space and area

Space and area

Changing up a tiled shower area can cost about $25 per square meter. The more space you are remodeling, the higher the cost. To get an accurate estimate, measure the space and determine how much it will cost you per unit of space.

2. Type of shower enclosure

Type of shower enclosure

The type of shower enclosure you are looking to install will determine the general cost of remodeling. The various enclosures, including hinged, frameless, sliding, walk-in, quadrant, and many more, will attract different charges.

3. Style of shower

Style of shower

Showers come in different styles, ranging from a shower tower to a roof shower. There are digital showers, mixer showers, and electric showers that require different hardware and installation, creating a price difference.

The cost of the remodeling shower area is determined by the things you will replace and install. For instance, if you are doing a complete shower enclosure replacement, you can expect to incur more costs than just replacing a shower panel.

Ways to upgrade shower room for getting a huge return on such cost

It is worth noting that not every remodeling will be a good return on investment. However, if you focus on the following areas, you will get a good return on the remodeling costs.

1. Changing shower area tiles and colors

Changing shower area tiles and colors

Replacing old tiles with new ones with contemporary style will make your shower area as good as new. You can use marble tiles to make your bathroom look chic and expensive. Minimalist tiles will also add elegance to your bathroom remodeling.

The color of tiles in your bathroom will also create a huge impact. Bright colors will add drama to your shower area and add life to it. Colors that blend with the rest of your home interior will create harmony and take the design of your home to the next level.

2. Installing/replacing shower enclosure design

Installing or replacing shower enclosure design

There are new shower enclosure designs that you can explore. A corner shower design will save on space, making your bathroom airy, which is something that will attract realtors. A quadrant shower will also save on space, and its curved feature will create a statement and make your bathroom stunning.

3. Add-on accessories to the bathroom

Add-on accessories to the bathroom

During your shower area remodel, you are not restricted from beautifying it. There are tons of accessories that you can use to personalize the space. For instance, you can use textiles that match the color of your tiles. The other accessories you can use in your shower area are glass shelves with bars for hanging your towels and clothes. Stylish bars and hooks will create more storage space, but they will also serve a decorative purpose.

Mirrors are also instrumental in accessorizing the bathroom. They serve a functional purpose by aiding your grooming process, and at the same time, enhance the appearance of your bathroom.

You don’t have to use the old boring mirrors. There is a way that you can make them stand out. For instance, you can install LED lights. It will make the mirrors shimmer even better and add elegance to the space. More so, they will increase the brightness of your bathroom while saving on energy costs.

Installing backlit mirrors in your bathroom will cost you between $50-$300; determine on the size and quality of mirrors, what you will use and whether you will make a DIY installation or hire a professional.

In a word!

The options for a bathroom remodel are endless. You can replace the shower doors with glass, accessorize your bathroom, replace the tiles, and so on. The cost of remodeling will depend on the changes you intend to make in your bathroom. The ideas above will go a long way in changing the appearance of your bathroom.