Being a versatile material, the uses of glass are not limited to residential places. The immensely versatile material is widely used in numerous everyday applications that we do not even bother to imagine. The uses of glass range from commercial buildings, stores, to many unseen applications. 

The use of glass is beyond boundaries. The medical diagnostic equipment, insulation, electronics, construction industry, etc., all use glass. Moreover, the custom cut glass gives comprehensive customization options and is available in different types and styles. 

All such things have tempted the constructors to use the glass in modern commercial buildings and stores. Plus, glass gives a tempting appearance and ambiance to the building that adds modernity and flair. 

In this blog, we will bestow some light on the applications of glass in modern structures and commercial places to make you aware of the ways of incorporating glass in the interior.

1. Walls & Partitions

Walls & Partitions

The glass is used to create walls and partitions in commercial spaces, especially in corporate offices. It brings more light to the area while making it bigger. It is a smart move to build glass partitions as the transparent walls give a sophisticated feel, and you can also add privacy. 

Using glass partitions also reduces the noise and allows you to work whole-heartedly.

2. Building Facade

Building Facade

The facade is a French word that means “front face.” The glass facade is used in the exterior of a building to provide more light and ambiance to the building. Using the facade glass in the body of a building offers an aesthetic view of the building.

Plus, the glass facade glass is energy-efficient, cost-effective, and able to withstand any sheer impact.

3. Glass Storefront

Glass Storefront

Another everyday use of glass in the commercial industry is for the storefront. Glass is used as a storefront primarily to allow the customers see the products displayed in the store so it attracts large clientele inside the store and then employ other sales tactics.

Commonly, laminated glass is used in storefronts, as it not only provides safety and security from intruders but also gives energy efficient solution to save energy cost.

4. Glass Shelves

Glass Shelves

Business owners who know the marketing and business tactics try to offer more than just quality products. Many businesses require displaying their products to attract customers. For this, they build shelving infrastructure, to display the products in a decorous manner for the potential buyers. Additionally, the glass shelving looks great and is a versatile material to merchandise all kinds of products. The versatility of glass shelves makes it an excellent option for commercial businesses that need to display their products. 

5. Glass Reception Desks

Reception desks are placed to deal with the new or current customers to know their wants and needs, so they can easily be redirected to their concerned department. The reception desks were made of wood in the past, but now it is trending to use glass reception desks to give modern touch as first impression to customers. 

People use glass reception desks, as they are versatile and easily replaceable. You can also achieve privacy in the glass desk panels by using the glass manifestation or film. The notable thing is that it gives an elegant, unobtrusive, and modern look while making the place less cluttered.

6. Conference Room

Conference Room

The corporate offices use glass widely. The conference room walls made with glass give a feel of openness in the office. Moreover, the glass conference rooms are demountable too, as you may need to alter your office settings. Taking advantage of the demountable partitions, you can adjust the office space as per your style.

7. Glass Boards

Glass Boards

In the recent past, we witnessed whiteboards in educational institutions and corporate offices to transfer instructions. Do the whiteboards give a modern and sleek look? A simple answer is ‘No!’

The use of whiteboards survived until the arrival of glass writing boards, which are made with toughened glass that is versatile and aesthetically pleasing. Plus, they are easily maintainable as they don’t stain and are durable to last longer.

8. Hospitals

Hospitals enormously use glass. They use glass in the interior as glass is more hygienic than the traditional curtains and gives easy maintenance. 

The Bottom Line

Glass is a lightweight material and its common uses are in the construction industry, offices, restaurants, hotels, educational institutions, and retail stores. The wide use of glass in a building reduces the entire structure’s dead load. The lightweight property of glass is essential for high-rise buildings, as they need to be lightweight. 

In addition, you can easily avail yourself of the glass cut to size from any of the nearest glass markets. You can buy mirror glass cut to size, or custom cut glass as per your need from the market. Moreover, you may order a glass of any dimension, type, and thickness from the first glass-based marketplace Glass Genius.