Antique Mirror Guide to Why and Where to Use Them

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear ‘Antique Mirror’? That’s probably the ‘Old fashioned mirror’ or the one that is related to someone’s grandma’s stuff. However, what if we tell you that mirrors can be made antique nowadays to enhance your home interior? You might be puzzled whether to use antique mirrors or not. So, here we are to pen down some of the uses of antique wall mirrors in modern home interiors. Firstly, let us inscribe that the use of antique wall mirrors in the modern era is something on fire these days. The mirror is genuinely new, but it is made or processed through different treatments to make it look antique. So, people prefer to have these wall mirrors to add a unique and chic style to their home’s walls these days. You can further choose different decorative wall mirror ideas to style your home in a unique way. Do you want to see where you can use these antique glass mirrors? Let’s get straight into it!

Why Use Antique wall Mirrors in the interior?

Why Use Antique wall Mirrors in the interior

For years, antique mirror glass has been an effective tool to make interiors more unique, and of course, they are not old-fashioned. The antique mirrors add style and a touch of character and fill up a particular space with liveliness. Mirrors are brilliant decorative pieces to style our surroundings. 

Mirrors that are made antique through different treatments add a chic flair. They usually double up the space, enhance the brightness and make spots sophisticated. It’s a fashion or trend that is totally vintage glamour.

Where to use antique mirrors in the home interior?

Mirrors enhance the overall décor, and we all experienced that. The thing is, these mirrors have the same benefits as a normal yet clear mirror. It also reflects light and larger space but with great sophistication and creates a focal point. You can use these mirrors in the following spots.

Antique mirror for stairway

Antique mirror for stairway

You may consider this fact ordinary or unnecessary. Why add a mirror along stairs when you can add it on many other spots. That’s not useless! If you want to double up your space, that’s the brilliant hack for it. Place a mirror or set of mirrors along the stairs and see the difference. When the other walls of your house reflect into these mirrors, your house will appear more prominent than before. 

If we’re going to add a mirror here, meaning the stairway, then why not add an elegant, unique, and rusty-style mirror? Add an antique glass mirror here! You can either add it with a frame or without any frame or choose any style of your choice. 

Install antique mirror tiles

Install antique mirror tiles

Adding mirror tiles is such an amazing technique to make smaller spaces appear larger and even more beautiful. You can install mirror tiles made of antique mirrors on either wall to make it a focal point of your overall interior. Such mirrors are helpful to create a rusty and cozy interior of any place.

Above the fireplace

Above the fireplace

As you know, mirrors are abundantly used for placing above the fireplaces. That’s something really interesting. Fireplaces are boring without a mirror. If you’re a person who wants a rural thematic house this is the best opportunity. Buy a huge antique wall mirror with a heavy frame and place it over your fireplace. It would not only make it a perfect spot for your coffee and gossip but also make it your cozy space.

Antique mirror backsplash

Antique Mirror Backsplash

One of the other uses is to add mirror backsplash in the kitchen’s backsplash. If you have a spacious kitchen, it would be perfect for it. In another case, it would let your small kitchen appear bigger and reflect more and more light. Another thing is, with this antique mirror in your kitchen as a backsplash, you can rest assured of the oil and smoke damaging your mirror. Such mirrors already have rusty spots on their surface, and if there’s any other dust spot, it would not be highlighted. 

Antique mirror glass for decorative walls

Wall Mirror Glass

Do you have a decorative wall in your home? You might not have added an antiqued glass mirror to it yet? Let’s add this mirror to our decorative walls; in a way, it reflects our unique and amazing artistic sense. Mirrors have rustic spots that are truly perfect to add in modern homes, as they are trending. 

Summing up!

Antique mirrors are specially made under high care and treatments to produce the effects of rust and dusty spots on the mirror. These unique mirrors are not only widely used in the home interiors but also preferred for creating modern themes. There is a bundle of benefits and uses that you can easily avail with rusty and decayed style.