Having a small apartment can lead you to have many questions in your mind and managing such space is itself a challenging task. You think about furniture, a workplace, filling the space, or getting rid of cluttered space, by having a look at your small space.

Sometimes, if you solve one problem or question, ten more questions are in the queue. If you want your micro apartment to look brighter and spacious, then you have to deal with it smartly and technically. 

The good thing is, we are here with the 7 magnificent ideas that will help you to create space in your small apartment and make it brighter. So, let’s find out the 7 catchy ideas that you need the most for your apartment. 

Affordable tips to make micro apartment spacios

1. Creating the space illusion is the first thing to do

Creating the space illusion is the first thing to do

The illusion of more space is the best thing you can do. Hanging your drapery closer to the ceiling is a trick that creates more illusion of space. Moreover, if the color of your apartment curtains matches the wall color then it makes a good combination. 

This trick works for the small spaces as it won’t let your eyes be distracted by the contrasting colors.

2. Use mirrors to have a brighter apartment

Use mirrors to have a brighter apartment

Mirrors at your place give you the perks that none other things can. Mirrors are used to decorate your place while increasing the light and giving an illusion of more space to your apartment. Use custom mirror glass reflectors in your small space as the mirrors are excellent reflectors. They reflect the natural light coming to your place and hence give a glaring look to your small apartment. 

3. Remove the clutter

Remove the clutter

If you are having stuff on your property that you don’t use or use rarely, then it is time to remove it. Removing the unused stuff will make your space tidy and organized. After removing the clutter, rearrange your furniture and it will give you an open and orderly look.

The same is the case with the walls of your apartment. Don’t cover up your walls with a lot of pictures, scenery, or paintings. One large painting is an excellent choice for your wall when you are thinking of giving a roomy look to your space.

4. Get the multi-purpose furniture

Get the multi-purpose furniture

A small space demands more technical dealing rather than a bigger space. Having a shorter space requires you to use multi-purpose furniture such as a sofa cum bed, bed with storage drawers, or folding wall bed. Try to use folding tables and dining tables that are expandable as per your needs. 

Such techniques will help you adjust your things smartly. The bulky furniture takes up precious space and you can’t move it every day. So, using multi-purpose furniture can help you in dealing with short space. 

5. Install a partition glass

Install a partition glass

If you are having a studio apartment then you can install a partition custom cut glass to separate your bed area from the living area until privacy is not an issue. A partition glass window adds visual separation to your space still allowing plenty of light to pass through. Moreover, if you want privacy, you can use privacy or opaque glass to deal with it. 

6. Use large decorative pieces

Use large decorative pieces

Trying new ideas can be helpful to have a brighter and spacious look in your mini apartment. A few bigger decorative pieces at your place can make your area feel crowded instead of the smaller ones. Installing a large wall art or a sculptured vase with tall flowers can make your space bigger and expansive too.

7. Use the color paints strategically

Use the color paints strategically

You can give an illusion of bigger space by using colors strategically. It is a well-known fact that the light paint colors give a spacious and brighter look. The light colors on your walls reflect more light and make your room feel airy and open. On the other hand, the dark shade colors absorb light and your rooms appear smaller. 

Go with soft tones of colors such as white, off-white, blue, and green. Following the light color tone for your apartment walls will give an illusion of a brighter and bigger space. 

The Bottom Line

People sometimes get annoyed by their small space and let things carry on as they are. They stop trying and make their space a mess. Dealing with smaller space is a technical task but not an impossible one. Try to follow the given tips to make your apartment sparkling and commodious. 

Using custom glass reflectors in small places is an affordable and worthy idea to give an illusion of more space.