Mirrors are not only used to see a reflection but to give a decorative touch to the interior. A beautiful mirror in the room can amplify light and create interesting reflections to make your space spectacular. It can transform your ordinary room into a stylish and modern place.

You can use mirrors of various styles from antique mirrors to vintage to modern design mirrors and make an impact on your small space making it bigger and brighter. Ahead, browse five alluring ways to decorate your small space with mirrors.

Use Full-wall Mirror

Use Full-wall Mirror

Struggling with a small room and want to make it look spacious? No issues. There is an incredibly great idea to make your small space look bigger by just adding a full-wall mirror in the corner of your room.

This addition will give a visual expansion to your room with an illusion that there is no wall and you are looking into a whole new room.

Put mirrors on the back of shelves

Put mirrors on the back of shelves

Another interesting way to make your little space bigger is to installing shelves with mirrors on the back. The living rooms have shelves to put utensils, photo frames or decoration pieces. Suppose a shelf in the living room is 15” deep. When you add mirrors to the shelves, it will make it feel, as they are 30” deep. This trick really works and your room looks bigger.

  • Mirrored furniture can help too
Mirrored furniture can help too

A small room with bulky furniture is surely a headache to deal with. The problem is, we can’t remove that bulky furniture as it is of our daily need. So, here is the trick to use that bulky furniture to make your small room appear bigger.

Try to add mirrors on the sideboard of your furniture or on the front cabins to have an enlarged space. Moreover, you can also furnish your wardrobe panels with mirrors. This also makes your interior spacious and beautiful.

  • Use old mirrors
Use old mirrors

If you love the old things and vintage charm is your love, then decorate your small space with the old, distressed vintage mirrors. You will easily find such mirrors in sales or antique shops. 

These old mirrors will give a striking character and authenticity to your small room. It is indeed a wonderful way to decorate your living room. 

  • A gallery with different shapes and sizes of mirrors
A gallery with different shapes and sizes of mirrors

Create a gallery of mirrors with different shapes and sizes of acrylic mirrors on a wall. This group of different shapes and sizes of Antique mirrors will not only reflect light but also add an artistic touch to your small living room.

Bottom Line!

Struggling with a small room is not a problem if you want to make its interior look bigger, brighter and spectacular. Just follow the given 5 tricks and you will see a complete change to your small room. Moreover, if you want to purchase mirrors of any size or style, you can visit your nearest mirror market or can order online from Glass Genius, which is the first glass-based marketplace to fulfill your needs.